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Membership must be renewed once per year, either in August or January. If you purchased your membership in Spring 2023, you should renew now. If you purchased a membership in Fall 2023, you should renew in August during the Fall 2024 membership drive.

Becoming a MESA member is a two step process (registration and payment). If both steps are not completed, your membership will not be processed.

STEP 1 (of 2) – Registration Form

Registration Form

NOTE: This form will ask you for your NCTM member number. If you have been an NCTM member before but don’t know your number, follow the steps listed here.

STEP 2 (of 2) – Payment

Use the PayPal button below to make your membership dues payment. If you prefer to pay with cash/check, find a MESA officer ($10 for undergraduate students, $15 for graduate students).

MESA membership options