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MESA Talks – Video Links

This page will provide links to different talks MESA has put on over the years! The talks are separated into two sections, namely “Colloquia” and “Panel Talks”. If any talk is linked to the incorrect video, please notify us!

(listed alphabetically by last name)

The Emerging Practice of Teaching Mathematics as Agape
Dr. Joel Amidon (2014)

Can Young Children Think Algebraically? The Case of Variable Notation
Dr. Maria Blanton (2018)

Designing a Sustainable and Scalable Model of Mathematics Professional Development: The Problem-Solving Cycle and Teacher Leadership Preparation
Dr. Hilda Borko (2012)

Developing Precalculus Level Students’ Mathematical Meanings and Practices: The Role of Curriculum, Teachers, and Instruction
Dr. Marilyn Carlson (2012)

Taking Learning Trajectories to Scale in a Digital Learning System for Middle School Math
Dr. Jere Confrey (2018)

Novice students’ reasoning about proofs of conditional statements and  the emergence of a meaning for conditional truth
Dr. Paul Dawkins (2019)

Distinguishing the Foreground from the Background: A Discussion of the Intersections between Math, Play, Design, and Computer Science
Dr. Melissa Gresalfi (2019)

Examining Modes of Discourse in Mathematics Education
Dr. Beth Herbel-Eisenmann (2018)

Integrated School Mathematics Pitfalls, Products, and Predictions for the Peach State
Dr. Keary Howard (Date Unknown)

How are Students Constructed in Research on Mathematics Curriculum (Day 1 Talk)
Checking in with our Mathematics Learners: Questioning our Assumptions (Day 2 Talk)
Dr. Amanda Jansen (2014)

Laying Groundwork for Function and Rate: Leveraging a Dynamic Computer Environment to Foster Students’ Quantitative and Variational Reasoning
Dr. Heather Johnson (2015)

Using Video Clips to Emphasize Children’s Rights of the Learner in an Elementary Mathematics Methods Course
Dr. Crystal Kalinec-Craig (2018)

Toward Establishing a Learning Progression to Support the Development of Statistical Reasoning
Dr. Richard Lehrer (2012)

Investigating Students’ Generalizing Activity: Two Contrasting Cases from and Undergraduate Combinatorial Context
Dr. Elise Lockwood (2016)

Math Instruction, Achievement, & Equity in the U.S.
Dr. Sarah Lubienski (2017)

Design Research to Enhance Coherence, Rigor, and Accessibility in Calculus Instruction
Dr. Michael Oehrtman (2017)

Activities to Facilitate Transformative Learning of Statistics (Day 1 Talk)
Teachers’ Transformative Learning of Statistics Content (Day 2 Talk)
Dr. Sue Peters (2014)

Double Negative: Two Classroom Episodes, Two Analytic Frameworks, and Two Pedagogical Recommendations Concerning Negative Number Operations
Dr. Jeffery Rabin (2017)

Minding the Discursive Gap: Learning Mathematics as Overcoming Communicational Conflict
Dr. Anna Sfard (2011)

Understanding and Promoting Reversibility in the Context of Learning
Dr. Martin Simon (2014)

Engaging Students in the Standards for Mathematics Practice (Day 1 Talk)
Orchestrating Productive Discussions in Math and Science
(Day 2 Talk)
Dr. Peg Smith (2013)

The Importance of Being Flexible: Improving Algebra Learning and Teaching
Dr. Jon Star (2015)

A, B, C, D, and F: Meaningful Grades or Random Letters?
Dean Stevenson (2017)

Influences that Mediate the Enactment of Subject Matter Knowledge
Dr. Michael Tallman (2017)

Research Grant Development 
Grace Thornton (2019)

Research in and about Mathematics Methods Courses
Dr. Andy Tyminski (2016)

What Do Children Have to Teach Us about Mathematics?
Dr. Katy Ulrich (2017)

Teacher Noticing of Multimodal Student Algebraic Thinking
Dr. Janet Walkoe (2020)

Kinships, Communities, and Spaces for Mathematics Learning and Socialization
Dr. Erica Walker

Proof Comprehension in Advanced Mathematics
Dr. Keith Weber (2013)

Integrating Knowledge: A Model of Secondary Mathematics Teacher Preparation
Dr. Matthew Winsor (2014)

Dr. Orit Zaslavsky (2012)

Panel Events
(listed in chronological order – newest first)

First Year Teachers’ Panel – Spring 2018

Principals’ Panel – 2012

[to be continued]